Thinking About Teaching in Nursing
Toward a Scholarly Etiquette : How to Keep Your Scholarly Interactions Prolific, Respectful, and Kind
Nursing Faculty Development : Building a Common Grading Rubric to Evaluate Writing
Linking Root Cause Analysis to Practice Using Problem-Based Learning
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Developing a Foundation for Interprofessional Education Within Nursing and Medical Curricula
The Scholarship of Writing
An Integrative Review of Cybercivility in Health Professions Education
Assessment Tools for Objective Measurement of Writing Improvement
Effectiveness of an Adaptive Quizzing System as an Institutional-Wide Strategy to Improve Student Learning and Retention
Writing Prompts
Impact of Communication Competency Training on Nursing Students’ Self-advocacy Skills
Supports and Barriers to Successful Progression in a DNP Program : Students’ and Graduates’ Perspectives
Nursing and Theater : Teaching Ethics Through the Arts
A Nursing Semester in a Developing Country : Lessons Learned
Multiagency Online Preceptor Education : Design, Implementation, and Outcomes
Teaching Humanity to Nursing Students : Evaluation of an Innovative Teaching Strategy
Interprofessional Education : Learning Together to Improve Patient Outcomes