Demand and Supply for Nursing Competencies in Taiwan's Hospital Industry

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Executive SummaryThe author provides an approach for schools of nursing to conceptualize the development of educational programs in the context of market demands for competency.Similarly, health care organizations can consider their existing and future supply of staff to meet the demands of their patient populations through focused recruitment and staff development.Hospitals' perceptions of their demand for nursing competency was compared with that of current staff nurses' perception of the demand for competency as well as with their own competency.Study variables included various types of health care institutions from medical centers to local nonteaching hospitals.Competency variables (21) included basic, intermediate, and advanced patient care/ supervision skills.Of the five competencies that were rated as high in demand and sufficient in supply, four were from the basic-level competency group (technical skill, independence, communication, and professionalism) and one was from the intermediate level, self-coping group.

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