Measuring Teamwork and Patient Safety Attitudes of High-Risk Areas

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Executive SummaryPrevious studies revealed that 70% to 80% of medical errors are related to interpersonal interaction issues.In this study, the attitudes and teamwork related to patient safety concerns in high-risk areas including the OR, ED, and ICU across four hospitals are measured.Survey respondents valued teamwork as important as competency with respect to patient safety.However, respondents reported “reservations of raising patient safety issues with team leaders,” confusion around team leadership roles, little emphasis placed on teamwork, too little input into patient care decisions, and dispute resolution that is not focused on patient interests.With regard to interdisciplinary relations, a particular concern surfaced around the relationship of EDs and ICUs with respect to their teamwork with anesthesiologists and CRNAs.With a better understanding of these perceptions, focused team training can occur to complement other patient safety initiatives of a more technological and procedural nature.

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