Using FTE and RVU Performance Measures to Assess Financial Viability Of Academic Nurse-Managed Centers

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Executive SummaryAcademic Nurse-Managed Centers (ANMCs) are often challenged by their multi-focal mission to deliver care, teach, and manage the operational and financial aspects of a clinic setting.Seven centers contributed data to examine relative performance using Advanced Practice Nurse Full Time Equivalents (APN FTEs) and Relative Value Units (RVUs), highlighting productivity, cost management, and profitability in comparison to each other and to national family practice physician data.Drivers of performance were identified including payer contracts, staffing configurations, coding, billing, and collections.Business plans, pricing strategies, marketing efforts, space configuration, relationships with in-kind donors, and community relationships were also contributors to overall performance.Driving revenue through higher patient visit volume was determined to be a better predictor of financial status than cost management.Securing reasonably constructed capitated contracts provided a financial base and enabled efforts to drive other sources of volume.

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