Defining Quality of Nursing Work Life

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Executive SummarySince cost pressure to increase productivity is unlikely to ease, more sophisticated approaches to driving organizational performance while recruiting and retaining a fragile workforce are needed.Quality of Nursing Work Life (QNWL) is a construct with theoretical ties to Quality of Work Life (QWL), a construct that has been more extensively studied and validated as a tool to better understand and effect drivers of productivity and professional fulfillment.Socio-technical systems (STS) theory promotes a parallel approach to addressing social aspects of the work environment, such as recruitment, socialization, and retention, while addressing technical aspects of work, such as the policies, systems, and tools supporting work, as a means to achieve maximum organizational efficiency and workforce stability.While the QNWL has been less extensively studied than the QWL, it is closely parallel to the QWL and offers more direct and useful feedback to leaders aspiring to manage employee and organizational outcomes.

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