Graduate Nurse Perceptions of The Work Experience

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Executive SummaryWithin the first year of employment, new graduate nurse turnover ranges from 35%-60%, resulting in a high personal toll to the nurse and a high financial loss to the institution.Intent to stay for new grads has been closely tied to aspects of scheduling, co-worker and physician relationships, professional growth opportunities, recognition, control, and responsibility.Variables that improve significantly over 18 months in this study included aspects of understanding leadership expectations, ability to manage job tasks, and awareness of development opportunities.Consistent with Kramer's findings, several variables worsened before they improved, reflecting a “honeymoon” period.Several variables were affected by survey attrition, suggesting the value of routinely measuring satisfaction among new grads to surface opportunities for more effective retention.Since work scheduling is so closely linked to job satisfaction among new grads, managing expectations about scheduling procedures and providing supportive strategies for managing work/life balance are important management interventions.

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