A Dramaturgical Analysis of Shift Report Patterns with Cost Implications: A Case Study

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Executive SummaryDespite all of the dramatic changes in health care delivery, change of shift report remains a vital process in nursing care delivery.While change of shift report style varies highly even from unit to unit within an institution, the role that it plays in safety, continuity of care, staff education, and staff communication remains significant.Analysis of videotapes from change of shift report using dramaturgical techniques revealed several opportunities for managing the report process that would have a positive impact on patient and staff outcomes alike.The analysis revealed staff playing roles in report “according to their personalities, the expectations of their roles, and the role patterning within the group.”Recommendations stemming from the analysis illustrated the opportunity to assess staff needs to define clear roles, challenge behavior patterns to promote collegiality, find common ground to establish shared meaning, and optimize work schedules to avoid burnout and increase connectedness.

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