A Magnetic Strategy for New Graduate Nurses

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Executive SummaryChildren's Memorial Hospital in Chicago reduced the turnover among new grads from 29.5% to 12.3% through the implementation of a multi-faceted orientation program.The program includes classroom learning, mentoring, precepting, clinical exchanges, and support for professional transitions and code debriefing.The classroom component includes 80 hours of general content, 32 to 72 hours of specialty-specific content, PALS certification, and, in some cases additional specialty courses.Preceptors, trained in coaching and educational techniques, are assigned to support clinical skill development and socialization for new grads.New grads select a clinical mentor who is not working on the same unit to provide additional confidential and objective support.Professional Transitioning Sessions involve participation in a facilitated peer support group with an emphasis on emotional issues and coping strategies.Debriefing sessions are conducted with new grads after stressful events such as emergency resuscitations, a program that is now available to all nurses.

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