What Role Can Nurse Leaders Play in Reducing the Incidence Of Pressure Sores?

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Executive SummaryPressure sores have plagued the nursing profession for many years as a major health care problem in terms of a patient's suffering and financial cost.Pressure sores are increasingly common in hospitalized patients in the United States with a 63% increase from 1993 to 2003.The nurse leader is accountable for the occurrence of pressure sores, a nurse-sensitive indicator, by a score-card which is benchmarked against other facilities.The nurse leader must take a systematic approach in the prevention of pressure sores, with the strategy being consistent and motivating to the staff in order to improve patient outcome.The chief nursing officer, the unit manager, and the bedside nurse must all collaborate to prevent tissue injury in patients at risk for developing pressure sores and to promote wound healing in patients with existing breakdown.

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