Strategic Planning for Skills and Simulation Labs in Colleges Of Nursing

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Executive Summary▸ While simulation laboratories for clinical nursing education are predicted to grow, budget cuts may threaten these programs.▸ One of the ways to develop a new lab, as well as to keep an existing one on track, is to develop and regularly update a strategic plan.▸ The process of planning not only helps keep the lab faculty and staff apprised of the challenges to be faced, but it also helps to keep senior level management engaged by reason of the need for their input and approval of the plan.▸ The strategic planning documents drafted by those who supervised the development of the new building and Concepts Integration Labs (CILs) helped guide and orient faculty and other personnel hired to implement the plan and fulfill the vision.▸ As the CILs strategic plan was formalized, the draft plans, including the SWOT analysis, were reviewed to provide historical perspective, stimulate discussion, and to make sure old or potential mistakes were not repeated.

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