Implications of Nurse-Physician Relations: Report of a Successful Intervention

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY▸ Given the evidence linking medical errors to ineffective communication, strategies for improving communication among health care professionals must be implemented.▸ The purpose of this article was to examine the effect of a collaborative intervention on improving communication patterns between nurses and physicians on two study units.▸ The intervention consisted of two nurses and two physicians (per unit) meeting together (8 hours total) to collaboratively develop a solution to communication issues on their respective units.▸ Physicians scored significantly higher on reports of openness of communication within groups, openness between groups, accuracy between groups, and collaboration between groups.▸ Collaboration reported among nurses and physicians improved for both professions, with significance reached for physicians (p = 0.031).▸ Strategies must be identified to break down the barriers set by the current culture, and that expedite the development of a team-centered culture supporting collaborative relations among health care professionals.

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