The CNO/CFO Partnership: Navigating the Changing Landscape

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYWith increasing pressure to cut costs, both real and immediate, and those forecasted and anticipated, the partnership and collaboration between nursing and finance will continue to take on new challenges.This partnership has historically been strained and does not always come easy due to differences in focus, different priorities, and inadequate communication, listening, and hearing.That needs to change and a strong CNO-CFO partnership is needed.Nursing leaders need to understand and appreciate the financial constraints and balance them with expected outcomes, and financial leaders need to understand and appreciate the core clinical business and what gaps in care mean to the financial viability of the organization and to patient outcomes.One health system developed a platform for change and is dedicated to the hard work involved in continuously working on those partnerships so when it comes to patient quality, safety and financial performance, nursing and finance leaders are well positioned for future health care challenges.

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