The MISSCARE SURVEY-Turkish: Psychometric Properties And Findings

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYOne measure of the process of nursing care is missed nursing care, which refers to any aspect of required care that is omitted either in part or in whole or delayed.Little is understood about how the quality and processes of nursing care differs among countries around the world.The aims of this study were (a) to test the psychometric properties of the MISSCARE Survey-Turkish and (b) to compare the extent and type of missed care as well as reasons for missing care between Turkey and the United States.There was less missed care reported by Turkish nurses as compared to U.S. nurses (p < 0.0001).Turkey nurses identified more problems with inadequate staffing resources (p < 0.0001), materials resources (p < 0.0001), and communication/teamwork (p < 0.0001) as reasons for missed nursing care than did U.S. nurses.Missed nursing care is a critical problem that needs to be addressed in both countries.

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