Models of Care in Outpatient Cancer Centers

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY▸ While rapid changes in the treatment of cancer have been driven by research-based evidence, innovations in cancer care delivery have lagged behind that seen in cancer treatment.▸ A literature review and ten semi-structured interviews were conducted to identify models of care in the ambulatory oncology setting to be adopted by a comprehensive cancer center.▸ Four models were identified from the literature review but none were widely recognized or adopted by administrators.▸ Findings suggested some common themes that should be included in an optimal model of care.▸ These themes are in support of the burgeoning efforts seen in the promotion of interprofessional education and practice for quality improvement.▸ Unique challenges related to the contextual factors in the ambulatory oncology settings suggest quality improvement interventions should be tailored to meet the specific needs of the care facility and its workforce.

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