Bullying in the Nursing Workplace: Applying Evidence Using A Conceptual Framework

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYBullying in the nursing workplace can result in serious health-related outcomes for both nurses and patients who are under their care as well as the health care organizations.Bullying can erode the victim's professional competence and reputation and challenge the victim to maintain and improve professional identity.Although bullying can occur among co-workers, the most common form of bullying involves the abuse of power by superiors against subordinates.Persistent negative behaviors of a perpetrator indicates repeated negative behaviors of at least once or twice weekly by the perpetrator targeting the victim over period of time of at least 6 months and as long as 12 months.Building a conceptual framework of bullying specific to the nursing workplace is warranted to better understand bullying dynamics and its consequences while developing strategies to change the health care environment to a safer workplace for nurses.

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