A Leadership Development Program Through Mentorship for Clinical Nurses in Turkey

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Executive Summary▸ Mentoring programs can enhance nursing satisfaction, improve retention, ensure optimal patient outcomes, and may have a positive organizational effect in developing leadership skills in nursing.▸ In this study, the effects of a formal mentoring program were explored on a sample of 18 professional nurse leaders (nine mentors and nine protégés) at a university hospital in Turkey.▸ After receiving a formal mentoring training program, mentors and protégés were paired with each other for a 6-month monitoring period.▸ An overall assessment revealed both mentors and protégés perceived benefits from the mentoring program.▸ The formal mentoring program created positive change in leadership behaviors for both mentors and protégés and contributed toward relational job learning for mentors and personal skill development for protégés.▸ Suggestions are provided for the integration of formal mentoring programs into the organizational culture.

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