The Perspectives of Nurse Practitioners and Physicians on Increasing the Number of Registered Nurses in Primary Care

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY▸ Team-based care models have increasingly been implemented to increase access to primary care, reduce cost, and improve quality by delivering care through interprofessional teams.▸ There is a gap in the literature, however, about the increased staffing of registered nurses (RN) within primary care.▸ This study sought to elicit primary care provider (PCP) perspectives about the use of RNs in primary care, including how RNs can optimally be integrated into primary care teams and the perceived impact of increased RN staffing in primary care.▸ Findings suggest PCPs perceive RNs to be an integral component of interprofessional primary care teams whose expertise is needed to meet the care management demands in primary care.▸ An increase in RN staffing is perceived by PCPs to help transform primary care through high-quality nursing practice that increases patient safety, reduces omission of important care management tasks, and ensures patient-centered primary care.

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