Academic/Practice/Industry Collaboration to Develop Nursing Value Research Data Warehouse Governance

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY▸ Big data for nursing research is complex and requires collaboration from multiple organizations.▸ The Nursing Value Workgroup (NVW), formed from the Big Data Science initiative in 2014, plans to measure nursing value and develop new real-time metrics to monitor costs, quality, and effectiveness of nursing care through understanding the individual contribution of a nurse to a patient.▸ The vision of the NVW is to create a warehouse that hosts data from multiple disparate data sources within multiple organizations for use in research to discover, explore, and test questions related to nursing value.▸ Business and managerial acumen is necessary to take on governance and board development work.▸ The collective open minds of several diverse partners including academia, practice, and industry allowed for robust discussion, freethinking, and led to development of an innovative governance structure for a nursing value research data warehouse.

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