A unit-based protocol to enhance Jordanian nurses' autonomous decision making

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AimTo develop a unit-based protocol to enhance Jordanian nurses' autonomous decision making.BackgroundMany escalating changes are influencing health care organizations, which require the enhancement of nurses' autonomy to manage these frequent changes. Autonomy is addressed in the context of accountability, authority and responsibility. Nurses' involvement in patient care and unit operation decisions is a part of their autonomy. Autonomy will influence nurses' job satisfaction and retention, patients' satisfaction and the quality of nursing care.MethodsThis protocol was developed based on a personal experience, nurses and senior nursing students' feedback, a review of the literature, and consultation with a group of 26 nurses in a teaching hospital. The nurses were asked on the comprehensiveness and applicability of the protocol to health care settings. Nurses' suggestions regarding the protocol were taken into consideration during the development and revision stages.Results and conclusionsA unit-based protocol was developed to enhance nurses' autonomous decision making through activities that support the process of autonomy and work environment. This protocol will have positive short, intermediate and long-term outcomes for patients, nurses and organizations.

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