Evaluation of the Manchester clinical supervision scale: Norwegian and Swedish versions

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AimTo develop Norwegian and Swedish versions of the Manchester Clinical Supervision Scale (MCSS) and to test and verify its hypothesized seven-factor structural model.BackgroundNurse managers are responsible for upholding and ensuring quality of care as well as for maintaining staff competence, thus safeguarding the standard of care.MethodsThe research process included a translation-back-translation procedure with monolingual and bilingual tests in addition to psychometric evaluation. The sample consisted of 150 student and registered nurses (RNs) from Norway and Sweden, and confirmatory factor analysis was performed.ResultsThe translated versions did not exhibit satisfactory validity and reliability. The confirmatory factor analysis failed to show a good model fit. Low α-values were revealed except for factors 1, 2, 3 and 7. The most important factors of the MCSS were Trust/Rapport, Supervisor advice/Support, Improved care/Skills and Reflection.ConclusionTranslation of an instrument for cross-cultural nursing research is important, although there are methodological limitations associated with construct validity.Implication for Nurse ManagersInstruments for the evaluation of nursing care are necessary in order to formulate strategies at a managerial level. Nurse managers who encourage nurses to attend supervision promote professional development and enhance patient safety.

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