Managing the transition of Saudi new graduate nurses into clinical practice in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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AimTo report on the benefits of developing a new graduate programme for Saudi nurses at one hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).BackgroundWith the national policy of Saudization of the workforce, the numbers of Saudi new graduate nurses (NGNs) seeking employment is increasing.MethodsA project report outlining an educational needs analysis of Saudi NGNs, and the subsequent development and expansion of a New Graduate Development Programme (NGDP) utilizing a Practise Development framework. Competence and safe practise in Saudi NGNs was evaluated using two specifically designed tools: the Final Clinical Competence Evaluation and the Clinical Challenge.ResultsA three-phase structured NGDP was successfully implemented resulting in NGNs developing improved confidence and competence. They were judged as being safe to practise and more patient centred, as measured against the established performance indicators.ConclusionAdopting a practise Development (PD) framework provided a clear structure and direction for the NGDP.Implications for nursing managementNurse Managers who invest human, financial and education resources into developing new graduate nurses are likely to retain such staff longer. In the Middle Eastern context, such investment is likely to rapidly promote the goal of increasing the number of indigenous nationals working as nurses.

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