Nursing education in China: past, present and future

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AimTo describe the development of nursing education in the past, present and future in China.BackgroundThe development of nursing education in China is closely tied with the country's wider context, including the social, political and economic environment.EvaluationThe source of information includes published materials accessible to the public and the authors' knowledge as content experts of the nursing situation in China.Key issuesNursing in China is developing rapidly particularly in the last decade in quantity and quality terms. The education development of nursing is in line with the service development which aims at client-centred care adopting a holistic approach caring for clients at the preventive, curative and rehabilitative levels.ConclusionsNursing education in China, both at the pre-registration and post-registration level, plays a key role in building a strong team of nurses to fulfil the health mission of the country.Implications for nursing managementManagers in nursing education need to continuously revise the curriculum to produce nurses who meet societal needs at present and for the future. At the same time, nurse managers in the service need to make best use of these nursing talents according to the nurses' competence and educational levels.

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