The effectiveness of clinical supervision for a group of ward managers based in a district general hospital: an evaluative study

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AimTo present an evaluative audit assessing the effectiveness of clinical supervision for ward managers.BackgroundA year-long project to introduce clinical supervision to ward managers was implemented and evaluated. The objectives were to evaluate staff perceptions of implementing clinical supervision and determine its outcomes.MethodAn audit evaluation process was used.ResultsFindings are presented against perceptions, implementation and reported outcomes of clinical supervision. Insights were gained into its relevance and importance to nurses and the organisation. Findings show that clinical supervision was perceived to be effective and helped improve patient care, but some feared it becoming a form of managerial control.ConclusionsWard managers perceived advantages for personal and professional development from adopting this process.Implications for Nursing ManagementThere is a need for greater understanding of clinical supervision before Trusts implement it. The introduction of a resource pack for clinical areas would also be of value. Finally, there needs to be a named person who has a special knowledge of clinical supervision to act as a champion and change agent in effecting implementation at both the executive level and within each clinical area.

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