Enhancing the commitment of nurses to the organisation by means of trust and monetary reward

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AimThis study examines how trust and monetary reward influence nurses' job satisfaction and strengthen organisational commitment.BackgroundHospitals with high nurse retention rates typically have fewer medical errors and better quality care for patients. Therefore, health care administrators should provide a trustworthy workplace and a satisfactory reward system to retain experienced and skilled nurses.MethodThis study adopts the partial least squares method for parameter estimates and hypotheses based on 797 valid questionnaires from registered nurses in a Taiwan medical centre.ResultAll hypotheses were supported. The results show that the perceived trust of and rewards for registered nurses significantly influence their job satisfaction and organisational commitment. Although the impact of rewards is slightly stronger than that of trust among nurses on job satisfaction, the influence of trust among nurses is significantly higher than that of reward on organisational commitment.ConclusionThe results show that administrators should enhance trust among nurses, establish a fair and attractive reward system, and increase nurse job satisfaction to elevate their commitment to the organisation.Implications for nursing managementTo build a high level of organisational commitment, developing trust among nurses and increasing job satisfaction are more critical than compensating with monetary incentives alone.

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