Work environment, job satisfaction, stress and burnout among haemodialysis nurses

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AimTo examine the relationships among nurse and work characteristics, job satisfaction, stress, burnout and the work environment of haemodialysis nurses.BackgroundHaemodialysis nursing is characterised by frequent and intense contact with patients in a complex and intense environment.MethodA cross-sectional online survey of 417 haemodialysis nurses that included nurse and work characteristics, the Brisbane Practice Environment Measure, Index of Work Satisfaction, Nursing Stress Scale and the Maslach Burnout Inventory.ResultHaemodialysis nurses reported an acceptable level of job satisfaction and perceived their work environment positively, although high levels of burnout were found. Nurses who were older and had worked in haemodialysis the longest had higher satisfaction levels, experienced less stress and lower levels of burnout than younger nurses. The in-centre type of haemodialysis unit had greater levels of stress and burnout than home training units. Greater satisfaction with the work environment was strongly correlated with job satisfaction, lower job stress and emotional exhaustion.ConclusionHaemodialysis nurses experienced high levels of burnout even though their work environment was favourable and they had acceptable levels of job satisfaction.Implications for nursing managementTargeted strategies are required to retain and avoid burnout in younger and less experienced nurses in this highly specialised field of nursing.

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