Accuracy in Obtaining 100 μg from 10 mg of Morphine for Spinal Anesthesia

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(J Clin Anesth. 2015;27:638–645)

A 100 μg is the recommended dose of morphine for patients following a cesarean section. In France there is a variety of morphine concentrations available, including 1 mg/1 mL and 10 mg/1 mL, and 100 μg/1 mL. These different concentrations may increase the likelihood of an erroneous dosage being administered. There are also many different dilution methods that are used to prepare a dose of morphine, which can further complicate attempts to arrive at the standard postcesarean dose of 100 μg. The authors of this study attempted to evaluate the effectiveness of common dilution procedures by measuring the concentration of morphine obtained when the dilution techniques were used to obtain a dose from a 10-mg/1-mL ampule of morphine.

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