Bromocriptine: Clinical Experience in the Induction of Pregnancy in Amenorrhea- Galactorrhea Syndrome

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This study included a group of 50 women with amenorrheagalactorrhea who were treated with bromocriptine (2-bromo-α- ergocryptine). Forty-two of these patients ovulated, and 36 conceived within 8 months of treatment. The pregnancies of 30 women reached a duration of 20 weeks or longer following ovulation induced by bromocriptine. Except in 1 case which ended in a 10-week spontaneous abortion, the pregnancies of 26 patients terminated in 24 single, one twin, and one triplet births. All of the 29 newborns were healthy, and no congenital malformations were detected. The main side effects during treatment were transient constipation and nausea. Following delivery, return to pretreatment status was noted in all patients, which supports the fact that bromocriptine is not a curative agent.

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