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Differentiation of the infecting organism is important in determining effective therapy for vaginitis. The utility of a simple, dehydrated culture strip in detecting Candida infections was assessed by culturing specimens from 203 patients, 83 with symptoms of vaginitis. Parallel culture (Sabouraud's medium) and identification were performed in every fourth case by an independent clinical laboratory; KOH preparations for Candida were examined in every case. In 48 of SO cases, the strip agreed with Sabouraud's culture; one culture was lost due to laboratory error, and one strip did not become positive until after 48 hours' incubation. Only 70% of KOH preparations revealed Candida when the strip culture was positive. Diagnostically superior to the KOH preparation and nearly equal to a Sabouraud's culture, the strip was simple to use, inexpensive, and reliable; as such, it is a useful addition in the ob-gyn office or clinic for routine screening for vaginal candidiasis.

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