The Value of Sonography in Suspected Ectopic Pregnancy

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Of 356 women undergoing sonography to diagnose or rule out an ectopic gustation, data sufficient to assign a final diagnosis were available on 260 of them. Ectopic gestation was diagnosed in 25 cases in this group and intrauterine pregnancy in 99, while the remaining 136 patients were found not to be pregnant. During sonography, ectopic gestations were suspected or diagnosed in 27 instances: In 17 cases this was in agreement with the final diagnosis, but neither an intrauterine nor an extrauterine gestation existed in 10 cases, although neoplastic or inflammatory masses were present. Of the 25 patients with the final diagnosis “ectopic pregnancy,” this was not detected with sonography in 8 instances. Intrauterine pregnancies were diagnosed by sonar in 94 of the 99 cases. Although reliable sonar identification of ectopic gestation is not always possible, sonography is helpful in diagnosing intrauterine pregnancy so that surgical intervention can be avoided.

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