The Kevorkian curette: An Appraisal of Its Effectiveness in Endometrial Evaluation

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Office endometrial biopsy with the Kevorkian curette was performed in 400 patients presenting with abnormal uterine bleeding or other endometrial cancer-risk indicators. The use of this instrument has proved to be a safe, simple, inexpensive, and highly reliable outpatient procedure with excellent patient acceptance. It has provided tissue for adequate diagnosis in 91.8% of the cases, and the diagnostic accuracy when controlled by D&C and/or total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH) was 96.2%. As a result, 73.5% of the women required no further surgical procedures for either diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. In the postmenopausal age group, adenocarcinoma was diagnosed in 7 of 177 (3.9%) women. This procedure is highly recommended for early office diagnosis of uterine pathology and, in particular, endometrial adenocarcinoma and its presumed precursor lesion, adenomatous hyperplasia.

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