External Pelvic Radiation Therapy in Stage IC Endometrial Carcinoma

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ObjectiveTo evaluate outcomes of patients with stage IC endometrial carcinoma treated with external whole pelvic radiation but not vaginal brachytherapy.MethodsSixty-one women with stage IC endometrial carcinoma had postoperative pelvic radiation without vaginal brachytherapy. The median age was 69 years (range 44–87 years). Most subjects had histologic findings of adenocarcinoma (71%) and grade 2 or 3 disease (74%). The median pelvic irradiation dose was 48.6 Gy (range 43.2–50.4 Gy). No patients received adjuvant chemotherapy or hormonal therapy. The median follow-up time was 69.5 months (range 7–196 months).ResultsThe 5-year actuarial disease-free and overall survivals of the entire group were 86.7% and 97.6%, respectively. No patient developed local (vaginal) recurrence. One patient had recurrent disease in the lateral pelvis. Ten patients (16.4%) had distant (extrapelvic) metastases. No serious sequelae were noted, including vaginal necrosis, small bowel obstruction, proctitis, or fistulae.ConclusionLocal control was excellent in stage IC endometrial carcinoma treated with adjuvant radiation therapy alone. Attention needs to be focused on efforts to control extrapelvic recurrence in patients with this disease.

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