Incarcerated Retroverted Uterus in the Third Trimester Complicated by Postpartum Pulmonary Embolism

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Incarceration of the retroverted gravid uterus is an extremely rare diagnosis in the third trimester that carries significant maternal operative and postoperative morbidity.


The condition was diagnosed clinically in the third trimester of a primigravida. Despite the preoperative diagnosis, operative delivery proved difficult, requiring delivery of the fetus through the posterior wall of the uterus. Thirty-six hours after delivery the patient had a pulmonary embolus.


This case report discusses the diagnosis and management of the condition incarcerated, retroverted uterus with postpartum pulmonary embolism. Prophylactic low molecular weight heparin in the antepartum period should be a considered for possible venous stasis due to the anatomy of the uterus.

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