Meningioma Mimicking Puerperal Psychosis

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Meningiomas are slow-growing benign brain tumors. They can be sensitive to sex hormones, increasing in size with pregnancy and leading to clinical presentation either before or immediately after delivery. Initial symptoms and signs can present in the antenatal as well as the postnatal period.


A patient presented with confusion associated with complaints of déjà vu and auditory hallucinations on day 1 postcesarean delivery. Meningioma was diagnosed by computed tomography and treated successfully with steroids, anticonvulsant, and craniotomy.


It is imperative to perform a thorough neurologic examination in a patient who presents with atypical psychiatric symptoms in the antenatal or postpartum period. Neuroimaging should be performed in the presence of any neurologic abnormality to exclude intracranial lesions such as meningioma.

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