Obstetric Balloon for Treatment of Foreshortened Vagina Using the McIndoe Technique

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When conservative options such as the use of vaginal dilators fail, the McIndoe technique may be used in the surgical treatment of a foreshortened vagina. The McIndoe procedure, an approach commonly used for the treatment of vaginal agenesis, requires a mold over which a skin graft is sutured and placed inside the vagina. In most surgical descriptions, this mold is made from non-sterile foam, condoms, or gloves. Because makeshift molds can no longer be used in operating rooms owing to strict regulations, alternative methods must be employed.


The obstetric balloon is a good choice for use as a soft and adjustable vaginal mold for a modified McIndoe procedure because it is readily available as an approved device in hospitals that provide obstetric services.


This technique was successfully employed in a 54-year-old woman to treat foreshortened vagina.


An obstetric balloon can be used effectively as a mold for vaginal reconstruction with the McIndoe technique.

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