Toxoplasmosis Education for Pregnant Women in Panama [16A]

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In 2014, Panama passed a law requiring toxoplasmosis screening for pregnant women and reporting of positive cases. Therefore, it is important to educate pregnant women about toxoplasmosis. The objective of this study is to use educational pamphlets to provide essential information to pregnant women in Panama.


In September 2015, we created three different educational pamphlets on toxoplasmosis for pregnant women in Hospital Santo Tomas. We also created a questionnaire to assess knowledge of toxoplasmosis before and after exposure to the pamphlets. The endpoint of this study was the level of knowledge in answering the questionnaire after exposure to the pamphlets.


A total of 164 pregnant women participated. For the initial questionnaire, 76% of the women had no knowledge of toxoplasmosis. We created an understanding scale for those who were able to answer the questionnaire after reading the pamphlets. 0 is answering zero question correctly, 1 is answering one to two questions correctly, 2 is answering three to four questions correctly, and 3 is answering five to six questions correctly. For pamphlet 1, 89% of the participants had an understanding scale of 3 after reading the pamphlet. For pamphlet 2 and 3, 63% and 55% of participants had an understanding scale of 3, respectively.


After educational pamphlets exposure, there was an increase in understanding of toxoplasmosis in pregnant women. Pamphlet 1 had the best educational results. With education in place, a rapid point of service test will be the next goal to screen for active infections for pregnant women in Panama.

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