Implementation of Educational Module to Improve Cervical Length Measurement Quality Among Obstetrical Residents [6B]

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Proper techniques for measuring cervical length (CL) are imperative for obtaining accurate measurements. We sought to evaluate resident physician knowledge of proper methodology/criteria for CL evaluation. A second aim was to assess resident performance of proper CL measurements before and after formal education based on Cervical Length Education and Review (CLEAR).


Following IRB exemption, OB/GYN residents completed a pre- and post-test, and participated in image procurement before and after a formal training module. Education included a review given by a perinatologist and viewing of a CLEAR lecture. Residents collected three cervical length images on five different patients who presented for evaluation of preterm labor. Images collected prior to and following the educational module were assessed for quality and adherence to established CLEAR criteria by a perinatologist, graded on a point system and assigned a pass or fail score. These results, as well as the pre- and post-test scores were analyzed with paired t test and Wilcoxon signed rank test.


Fifteen residents completed image procurement, training and testing. Adherence to proper CL measurement techniques improved after implementation of a formal educational module as significantly more images achieved pass status (6% prior to and 26% post training, P=.005). Additionally, an increase in medical knowledge was reflected by a significantly higher mean percentage on the posttest 92.9 (95% CI 90.7–95.1) vs the pretest 65.7 (95% CI 60.6–71.4), P<.001.


Implementation of formal CL training using CLEAR resources improved the quality of CL images obtained by residents as well as their medical knowledge.

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