Improving Communication Between OB/Gyn and Neonatologists in a Tertiary Institution [15B]

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Improving OBGYN residents and attendings knowledge about the neonatologists and NICU practices might play a role in improving the quality of labor and delivery consultations and have a positive impact on patient care in a tertiary care setting.


Pre and Post-test cross-sectional questionnaire surveys of OBGYN residents and attendings were done to evaluate their knowledge of the institutional neonatologists and NICU practices with an educational enlightenment activity interposed.


Pre-education, only 12% recognized the neonatologists on staff while 49% had some knowledge of the NICU protocols concerning Labor and delivery compared to 73% and 75% post-test. Pre-test, 46% acknowledged having some contact with the neonatologist at a point during their consultation compared to an intent of about 100% post-test.


Regular interaction between OBGYN and neonatology providers might lead to effective communication and facilitate efficient and qualitative patient care.

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