Prenatal Aneuploidy Screening Results Reporting—A Survey of Patient Preferences [17D]

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To assess patients' preference of which provider they prefer to disclose the results of prenatal aneuploidy screening, divided by whether the results were high-risk or low-risk for aneuploidy.


This study surveyed patients undergoing prenatal aneuploidy screening at Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA, from July to September 2015. The survey included four questions asking patients for their first and second preferences for provider (either nurse practitioner, OB/GYN specialist, maternal-fetal subspecialist, or genetic counselor) who should disclose the aneuploidy screening results if the results were high-risk or low-risk. Demographic information was also collected. Questions that were not answered or had multiple answers were excluded from the analysis.


A total of 54 patients were surveyed. Only 7% of those surveyed were older than age 35. The majority of patients (n=40, 74%) indicated that if the results were low-risk, they preferred to be informed by their primary OB/GYN specialist or nurse practitioner. The most frequent second choice of providers for low-risk results is a nurse practitioner unrelated to their care (28%) or a maternal-fetal medicine subspecialist (24%). If the results were high-risk, many of the patients (n=26, 49%) indicated that they would like to be informed by their OB/GYN specialist or nurse practitioner first. For high-risk results, maternal fetal medicine subspecialists are the first choice of 26% of patients and the second choice of 37% of patients.


Regardless of whether the results are high-risk or low-risk, patients have a strong preference for hearing the results from their primary OB/GYN specialist or nurse practitioner.

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