What Is the Awareness, Perception, and Rate of HPV Vaccination and Pap Screening Amongst Korean American Women? [19F]

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To measure the awareness, perception, and rate of HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening amongst Korean American women.


A cross sectional survey of convenience of Korean American (KA) women over 18 years old was developed to assess awareness, perception, and rates of HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening. Surveys were distributed in English and Korean on social media and via paper surveys and distributed to the Greater Los Angeles area.


273 surveys were collected (94% completed). 82% had health insurance and 15.4% did not. The most common reason for lacking insurance was cost (61%). Of those eligible for the HPV vaccine (under 26), 78 (48.7%) initiated the HPV vaccine series, but only 33.3% completed all three doses. Overall, 53.5% of the women had an OBGYN/women's health care provider, but 41% did not. 54.9% had a pap smear in the last 3 years, and 23.1% had never had a pap. When asked if their friends were aware of the importance of a regular pap screen, 47.7% agreed or strongly agreed, but 49.5% were neutral or disagreed. When asked about frequency of gynecological care, 31.9% said “only when there is a problem” and 26.4% said yearly. Common barriers to visits were financial issues, embarrassment, and the perception that a visit were only necessary when they had problems.


HPV vaccination rates and cervical cancer screening rates in KA women are low and opportunities exist to improve these rates through education and awareness.

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