Correlation Between Maternal Abdominal Adiposity and Anthropometric and Metabolic Profile During Pregnancy [29O]

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Excessive accumulation of central fat is associated with increased risk of developing cardiometabolic complications and has affected women in various stages of life, including pregnancy. To evaluate the evolution of maternal adiposity and factors associated with fat accumulation during pregnancy.


A cohort including 200 pregnant women evaluated at 16 weeks and the immediate postpartum period. Visceral adiposity (VA), subcutaneous (SA), anthropometric measurements and the metabolic profile were analyzed. For analysis, Epi-Info 7.0 was used.


The VA averages were 5.2±1.3 cm at 16 weeks and 5.6±1.6 cm on postpartum (P=.007). At 16 weeks, there was a correlation between VA and weight (r=0.32, P<.0001), BMI (r=0.28, P<.0001), insulin (r=0.22, P=.004), and abdominal circumference (AC), arm and thigh (r=0.31, P<.0001; r=0.25, P<.0001, r=0.15, P=.03). In the immediate postpartum period, correlation was observed between VA and weight in the 16th and postpartum (r=0.37, P<.0001; r=0.31, P=.001), total cholesterol and glycated hemoglobin postpartum (r=0.22, P=.01; r=0.18, P=.03), insulin and LDL at 16 weeks (r=0.23, P=.01 and r=0.22, P=.01), AC and arm (r=0.43, P<.0001 and r=0.35, P<.0001) and CC at 16 weeks (r=0.20, P=.013).


There was a correlation between abdominal fat and the main variables.

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