Does an Intensive and Multimodal Intern Boot-Camp Prepare Incoming Residents for Level 1 Milestones?

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Residents coming from different medical schools often have variations in their knowledge and skill sets. This has led to frustration and confusion amongst the not only the new residents, but also the upper-level residents and the faculty. Furthermore, many residents entered PGY1 achieving few level 1 Milestones.


We prepared an intensive curriculum focusing on achievement of level 1 Milestones during orientation for PGY1 residents that consisted of lectures, simulations, and e-modules. The residents' readiness was assessed before and after orientation using the PrepforRes: The APGO Preparation for Residency Knowledge Assessment Tool. The residents also took a post-orientation survey to assess their satisfaction with the curriculum. They will retake the survey in December and June to assess longer term satisfaction with the curriculum.


Average PGY1 score prior to orientation was 60 with a standard deviation of 8.4. No incoming resident passed the exam. After the “boot-camp” average score was 82 with a standard deviation of 1.8 and every resident passed the exam. Overall there was a 37% increase in scores. Survey results indicated that the residents were satisfied with the curriculum. They all reported that they felt an increased connection as a class and indicated a desire to continue group study activities.


A more robust orientation curriculum provided a substantial increase in resident readiness as measured by the PrepforRes test. Additionally the residents were satisfied with the curriculum and feel that it was helpful before starting residency. We will resurvey these residents at 6 months and 1 year to determine any additions or adjustments to the program. A side benefit seen was that the standard deviation decreased significantly from the pretest to the posttest. This may serve to place all the PGY1 residents on a more even footing when interacting with both other residents and faculty.

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