The Educational Value and Feasibility of a Video-Capture System in the Surgical Training of OBGYN Residents

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Many professions utilize video-capture technology for training and skill improvement. This study explores the utility, sustainability, and effectiveness of this technology as part of a resident surgical evaluation process. In order to optimize surgical training we utilized video-capture technology (SimCapture) as residents performed surgical procedures. Point-of care feedback using standard evaluation tools and video-review, using the same evaluation tools was also conducted.


We recorded a group of OBGYN residents performing one of four surgeries over 8 weeks. This project was considered IRB exempt. An ACGME milestone evaluation and OPRS (operative performance rating system) specific to the procedure was used to evaluate performance. The video was then evaluated by another faculty member, blinded to the resident's level of training, using the milestone and OPRS forms. Data were collected and analyzed regarding the value of the process as a tool to optimize surgical teaching.


We hoped to assess approximately 25% of cases for our pilot project. Surgical evaluation and survey data regarding the educational value of the experience was collected. Data were assessed and compared using Spearman's Rho correlation statistical assessment using SPSS 16.0.


Our pilot study offers benefit in other areas including surgical training, measuring surgical competence, and optimizing patient care. We hope to provide a video portfolio of resident surgical performance which can be used to display technical skills when pursuing future professional opportunities. This technology may also serve a role in the credentialing and remediation process.

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