SUGAR in OB/Gyn: A Multi-Institutional Collaboration to Develop Cases for Simulation Use for Global Away Rotations (SUGAR)

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BACKGROUND:Simulation Use for Global Away Rotations (SUGAR) is an open source curriculum initially developed by a collaborative of pediatricians to allow residents to experience and debrief common practical and emotional challenges of working in resource-limited settings. The original curriculum included eight pediatric simulation cases with facilitators trained at more than 80 institutions. A multi-disciplinary group was formed to harness the principals of the SUGAR curriculum to provide simulation training for residents in specialties beyond pediatrics.METHODS:OB/Gyn collaborators were trained to facilitate SUGAR cases. New OB-Gyn simulation cases were developed, formatted, and piloted with multi-disciplinary groups of residents at our academic institution over a 3-year period.RESULTS:Three new OB/Gyn SUGAR cases were developed and piloted with the goal of allowing residents to experience and debrief common medical management and emotional complexities faced in resource-limited settings. The following medical topics are addressed: obstructed labor, postpartum hemorrhage, eclampsia, female genital cutting. The following negative emotional experiences/adaptive characteristics are addressed: frustration/adaptability, floundering/awareness of resources, failure/adjustment and humility. Facilitator and resident feedback is under evaluation. Collaborators agreed that the content would be made available for free for use in global health education on the training website creating, piloting, and open-sourcing simulation cases in OB/Gyn, the SUGAR curriculum can be expanded to fill a need of global health educators in OB/Gyn. SUGAR simulations hold promise to expand resident preparation for international electives in resource-limited settings.

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