Development and Evaluation of an eLearning Module on the Prepubertal Exam and Vaginoscopy for Ob-Gyn Residents

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OBJECTIVE:To develop and evaluate a self-study module for Obstetrics and Gynecology (Ob-Gyn) residents to improve knowledge and skills with prepubertal exam and vaginoscopy.METHODS:We developed an interactive module to teach CREOG Learning Objectives in pediatric and adolescent gynecology: prepubertal vaginal bleeding evaluation, including prepubertal exam, vaginal culture, office lavage, and vaginoscopy. After pilot-testing with chief residents and recent graduates, we held a focus group to solicit feedback resulting in modifications.EVALUATION:After obtaining IRB approval, we offered the revised module to all current Ob-Gyn residents (n=37). We solicited residents by e-mail communication and offered a small incentive. The evaluation tool queried satisfaction, confidence with knowledge and skill in the tested areas, and assessed knowledge of prepubertal bleeding before and after module completion. Of the 37 residents, 26 (70%) participated. Satisfaction with knowledge improved from 30.8% to 100% (P<.0001). Reported confidence in being able to independently perform a prepubertal genital exam improved from 7.7% to 53.8% (P<.001). Reported confidence in in being able to independently perform vaginoscopy did not change significantly (0%–11.5%, P=.24).DISSEMINATION:We will submit this module to the AAMC MedEdPORTAL. We aim to design a multi-institutional research study to assess whether the module improves knowledge and skills on this topic at institutions throughout the country.REFLECTIVE CRITIQUE:Although residents overall found benefits, improving their confidence with vaginoscopy performance was limited. The module may serve as an introduction to vaginoscopy, but skill acquisition may rely on actual performance.

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