Resident Coaching Sessions: A Clinical Faculty Development Program to Provide Actionable and Formative Resident Feedback

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OBJECTIVE:To develop a formative evaluation instrument that will facilitate mid-rotation feedback. To educate learners and educators on formative feedback in order to facilitate coaching sessions in timely and actionable ways.METHODS:A mid-rotation assessment instrument was created within the New Innovations platform. The instrument focuses on EPAs relevant to the rotation, achievement of resident goals, and resident-directed action plans for improvement. It includes feedback elements that can be completed in 5 minutes. Content validity was confirmed through ACGME Milestones and critical assessment from experts in field. Reliability was confirmed through expert consensus obtained through structured interviews. Faculty and resident development sessions were created and delivered to educate on formative feedback and use of instrument. The sessions included a 15 minute presentation and instrument demonstration. Subspecialty rotations were chosen as pilots due to the limited number of faculty and residents.EVALUATION:Nineteen residents and six faculty were surveyed prior to implementation on quality of feedback skills. Upon completion of feedback cycles residents and faculty will be resurveyed for comparison.DISSEMINATION:The optimized feedback tool will be expanded to every rotation facilitating structured feedback and timely consistent reporting.REFLECTIVE CRITIQUE:The implementation of structured feedback training and an assessment tool that formalizes the process can optimize meaningful feedback for learners. Education on formative feedback and instrument use improves efficiency and increases timely and actionable feedback.

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