Tissue Extraction Techniques for Leiomyomas and Uteri During Minimally Invasive Surgery

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Fragmented tissue extraction (morcellation) of uterine and leiomyoma tissue in gynecologic surgery has been performed for decades, but recent years have seen a vast expansion of techniques to address risks associated with tissue dispersion. Use of power, or electromechanical, morcellation has largely been replaced by manual morcellation with a scalpel. Morcellation can take place through a laparoscopic incision, a minilaparotomy incision, or through a colpotomy. Containment systems are now available for both power and manual morcellation, allowing tissue fragmentation to take place within an enclosed specimen bag. These products require additional training and skill and may add operating time, but have the potential to mitigate risks associated with tissue dissemination.

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