Clitoral Reconstruction Using a Vaginal Graft After Female Genital Mutilation

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BACKGROUND:Clitoral reconstruction after genital mutilation is a feasible and effective strategy to reduce clitoral pain, improve sexual pleasure, and restore vulvar appearance.TECHNIQUE:We describe a novel surgical technique for clitorolabial reconstruction using a vaginal graft.EXPERIENCE:We present a series of 32 consecutive women who underwent this procedure at Iván Mañero Clinic, Barcelona, Spain, and were prospectively followed. The total Female Sexual Function Index changed favorably from 16 before surgery to 29 after surgery (P<.05). Likewise, the Female Self-Image Genital Scale changed favorably from 11 to 23 (P<.05).CONCLUSION:Clitoral reconstruction after genital mutilation was associated with improved sexual function and genital aesthetic perception.

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