Direct Percutaneous Endoscopic Jejunostomy for the Management of Gastroparesis in Pregnancy

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Providing meaningful nutrition in cases of refractory hyperemesis during pregnancy can be challenging; although intragastric enteral nutrition is the most common approach, it is contraindicated in certain cases and carries the risk of increased nausea and vomiting.


A 36-year-old primigravid woman with a history of gastroparesis presented at 16 weeks of gestation with nausea and vomiting. With no improvement with conventional approaches and signs of malnutrition, a direct percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy was placed. Her nutritional status improved, and the pregnancy ended in the delivery of a healthy neonate.


Direct percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy in pregnancy is an option in patients in whom intragastric feeding is contraindicated and may offer a more secure approach than percutaneous gastrojejunostomy.

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