The Final Design: Milli; Introducing the Only Patient Controlled Expanding Dilator [39F]

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Dilators are poorly characterized in the scientific literature yet may recondition the brain body reconnection for anticipatory anxiety. Women report decreased compliance, burdensome regimes, and excessive time commitments as well as concern about stepwise abrupt transitioning between dilator sizes. Milli is a patient controlled electronically expanding dilator that rectify many of these dilemmas. The initial soft launch of 50 users of this novel dilator is reported here.


Fifty-seven patients purchased the device and they complete an initial and 3 months follow up anonymous survey.


Seventy-seven percent were diagnosed with dyspareunia; 33% were suffering for greater than 5 years before seeking care. Twenty-five percent have not been sexually active for over 5 years. Most used the dilator 3 times a week. Fifty percent spent between 5 and 15 minutes using the dilator, in the bedroom (90%) and 44% using it before bedtime. Forty-three percent use dilators before intercourse, yet 64% do their exercises alone. No serious adverse events or device complications reported. All reported that the device was superior to conventional available dilators. Most reported that the device was easy to clean, comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and improve confidence.


Milli is a patient controlled electronic dilator that increases by 1 mm at a time. Patients can self-control the device and slowly increase progress at her own pace towards specific goals. Initial pilot reports more gradual and rapid vaginal health recovery with less apprehension or anxiety. Larger long-term interventions, with a standardized dilation program with a larger population is planned.

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