Evaluating Patient Satisfaction and Experience for Technology-Enabled Prenatal Care for Low Risk Women [1L]

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Telemedicine and connected health has the potential to remodel prenatal care by enabling more frequent contact and increased patient engagement. This study sought to measure patient satisfaction in low-risk pregnant women who used an integrated mobile platform to supplement prenatal care.


Five hundred ninety-five surveys were administered to low-risk pregnant women enrolled in the Babyscripts (BRx) program, an integrated technology platform including a mobile application and connected devices (weight scale and blood pressure cuff). A 15-question survey was administered to gauge participant satisfaction in the mobile app, pregnancy readiness, relationship to the healthcare team, patient perception of saved time in the clinic, ease of use and educational content. Metrics were analyzed as percent of the total possible score.


Among 131 respondents (22% response rate) overall patient satisfaction measured high, ranging 85%–95% (agree/strongly agree) in remote monitoring, 82%–88% with the mobile app, 77%–85% for pregnancy readiness, and 83%–90% in their relationship with the healthcare team. Ninety-three percent of respondents agreed that BRx saved time in the clinic. The mobile app was rated as “easy to use” by 86%, with a 93% and 75% ease of use rating for the weight scale and blood pressure monitor, respectively. The educational value of the app was also highly rated at 84%.


Patient satisfaction with the mobile connected health platform was high. These findings support the integration of connected health platforms in low-risk pregnancies. This study suggests potential for connected health to improve value-based clinical outcomes, which can be explored with future research.

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